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Houghton Community Broadcasting Finds Forever Homes for Homeless Pets

Houghton Community Broadcasting (WCCY-AM, WHKB-FM, WOLV-FM) has again found forever homes for homeless pets as it has wrapped up another edition of “The 12 Dogs of Christmas.”

Working with the Copper Country Humane Society, a local non-kill shelter, the three station group in Houghton uses it’s airtime after Christmas Day to highlight dogs that currently need help. Typically these dogs are slightly older or have special needs that require the right person or family to come forward to adopt. “We start after Christmas in order to avoid the temptation of having a pet gift-wrapped under the tree,” according to Operations Manager Kevin Ericson. “It also allows us to take full advantage to spotlight these animals after the hectic holiday traffic on our airwaves.”

Each weekday a different dog was featured. Full 60 second promos are run around the clock; the description and picture of the animal is shared on the WOLV website ( and linked through its other stations sites as well. Finally social media highlights the days offering and gets a high level of shares. Announcers also talk about each day’s pet during their shows.

The Humane Society’s work was also featured in newscasts and highlighted with a segment of the weekly public affairs program, “Copper Country Today.”

Over one hundred dogs have found a home throughout the years that Houghton Community Broadcasting has run this feature. “This year so far four of the twelve dogs have been adopted,” according to Becki Clouthier, Manager of the shelter. “We’ve had more people inquiring about the featured dogs and specifically mentioned learning about them through the radio.”

In conjunction with the promotion, the Humane Society concludes with a live comedy show entitled, “Raise the Woof” at the local theatre, bringing in comedians whose act includes topical canine humor. With a packed house (after a 15 inch snowfall) the CCHS was able to add an additional $2,500 in fundraising. Again the stations were able to promote the show during its 12 Dogs promotion and additional advertising.

“Throughout our station’s history, we’ve brought the Copper Country Humane Society story to our listeners as they continue their efforts as a no-kill shelter,” Ericson added. To conclude the holiday season knowing that we brought joy to some of our furry friends in the Keweenaw has been our motto for the 12 Dogs of Christmas.”

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