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WLNS-TV Launches “The 6 News Capital Rundown”

On February 8-9, Nexstar Broadcasting’s WLNS-TV (Lansing) launched a new program lead by Lansing Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick titled “The 6 News Capital Rundown.”
  The show will “break down everything political you need to know here in Michigan and across the country and will feature local lawmakers talking about current events, and what qualifies them for a vote at election time.”

Joining Skubick are WLNS anchors and reporters, plus reporters at Nexstar’s Washington news bureau.  On the show’s debut broadcast, Skubick discussed what is behind the talk about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as a choice for Vice-President on the Democrats 2020 ticket, featured an interview with Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer and had an update from the company’s Washington DC bureau.

The show airs three times each weekend on WLNS and WLAJ-TV.

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