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Michigan Broadcasters Rise to the Occasion

Karole White

By:  Karole L. White

Dear Michigan Broadcasters:

What a time for our industry to shine. Thank you for the terrific job you are doing to make this terrible situation better for the Michigan public through your local coverage of the coronavirus.

The MAB has a Michigan specific webpage on coronavirus for members. It has state resources, PSA’s, social media posts and story ideas that you may use in your local coverage of COVID-19 showing the wonderful things neighbors and businesses are doing to help one another. Visit

Please send your special coverage on COVID-19 to us. Send copies of your TV and Radio coverage, photos and news releases on coronavirus. We need all we can get to show how responsive you have been to this state emergency.  Please forward your materials to MAB’s Dan Kelley

In the coming weeks, with the help of Michigan’s top State Associations we are launching a section on our COVID-19 webpage containing story ideas from around the state of how people are helping people, how companies are standing behind their employees and business is surviving while helping others. We hope this will help to change the narrative so there will be more confidence in the economy coming out of our current emergency which will not only help the economy recover faster but will help to bring back our own business.

Stay Healthy,

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