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Calling all TRAFFIC! Zoom Lunch Anyone?

Denise Weston

By: Denise Weston, Director of Membership and Services

First, here is a link to the new survey: We will use the responses to spotlight our traffic peeps in our newsletter. There is also a request for a picture. You may include one of you or something that represents you.

It’s mid-2020 and due to COVID-19 the MAB has not been able to do any lunches (super sad face!). I’m certain that everyone is crazy with politicals! However, we’d love to do a zoom meeting to catch up and chat about new ‘normal’, how we can be of any help, and just see everyone’s smiling faces 😊

Feel free to email to let us know if you would like to participate. We’ll forward a doodle to set a specific date and time. (Definitely a Tuesday or Wednesday and before October 1 when things will be getting REALLY crazy!)

Hang in there, and thank you so very much for all you do to help keep your stations on-air! Your MAB appreciates you!

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