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NAB Releases New ‘We Are Broadcasters’ TV and Radio Spots for Download

America’s broadcast radio and TV stations are the pulse of our communities – delivering critical news and information, weather and emergency updates and entertainment that connect and inspire us.

Now more than ever, what you do for your communities is vital.

In the past six months our country has been devastated by a global pandemic, civil unrest has reached a fever pitch, hurricanes and wildfires have ravaged communities and we’ve embarked on one of the most bitter and raucous political elections of our lifetime.

And through it all, broadcasters have been there, bringing fact-based reporting to Americans, while many citizens remained isolated from the outside world. Your journalists have risked their lives, and in some cases been badly injured, to bring the information Americans need into their homes, cars and personal devices.

As we approach the anniversary of the passage of the First Amendment, it is fitting that we remind our country’s leaders of the essential role that broadcasters serve in our democracy – bastions of freedom of the press.

Our Founding Fathers understood that to delegitimize the role of the press constituted an attack on democracy itself. Do our country’s leaders appreciate this critical underpinning of our country?

In recognition of broadcasters’ critical role, NAB is providing new We Are Broadcasters spots for radio and TV stations that showcase the importance of our local stations. We urge you to download and air these spots as often as possible to send a strong message to policymakers and remind your audiences why they turn to broadcasters for the information they trust.

Thank you in advance for joining us in sending this important message about the power of broadcasting.

You can find/download the TV and radio spots here.

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