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FCC Updates Rules Promoting Broadcast Internet

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday (12/10 ) issued a Report and Order updating its rules to promote the introduction of ATSC 3.0-enabled innovative ancillary and supplementary broadcast services, otherwise known as Broadcast Internet.

The advances in spectrum efficiency provided by ATSC 3.0 means that broadcasters will continue to provide high-quality, free, over-the-air digital television while also having the extra capacity to complement the nation’s 5G wireless networks with Broadcast Internet data services. The Order’s clarification of the fee structure pertaining to ancillary and supplementary services ensures that television broadcasters can easily partner with third parties to provide new services without the risk of having to pay the federal government excessive fees.

Recognizing the unique public service mission of noncommercial educational television (NCE) stations, the Order also adopts a number of additional proposals designed to facilitate their provision of Broadcast Internet services. Notably, the item allows NCE stations to offer nonprofit, noncommercial, educational Broadcast Internet services alongside their television programming as part of the primary use of their spectrum and cuts the fee on revenue from those services in half, from five percent to two-and-a-half percent.

NAB Senior Vice President of Communications Ann Marie Cumming welcomed the updated rules.

“NAB appreciates the Commission’s attention to the development of ATSC 3.0 and all of the consumer benefits that will follow. In particular, NAB thanks all of the Commissioners for working collaboratively with stakeholders to yield a positive item for the future of ATSC 3.0.”

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