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Third Thursday Webinars

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2024 Third Thursday Webinars | All Webinars Begin at 1:00PM ET

June Juan Galdamez

Connectivity in the car has opened new opportunities to improve the listening experience and to gain new insights with DTS AutoStage.  Pairing broadcast and IP in the car can now change the way your listeners experience your station and at the same time, give you a better understanding of your audience.  For the first time ever, stations can now access real-time metrics coming from the vehicle for their AM/FM stations.  All for FREE!

August Nicole Gustafson

The NAB's Nicole Gustafson will host a conversation with members of the Congressional Broadcasters Caucus to discuss how the industry is viewed from the halls of Congress and legislation that will impact the future of local TV and radio.  The mission of the Caucus is discussing and solving issues of importance to the broadcast community, specifically local broadcast radio and television stations, as well as other forms of broadcast journalism.

September Lori Lewis

Long-form video viewing is on the rise. And short-form video fatigue is bubbling under.  But it doesn’t mean stop with short form.  It means it’s time to get ahead of it and develop an intentional (long-form) and discovery (short-form) viewing strategy.  Join Lori Lewis Media for a workshop on how to master the balance needed with both content forms. This is an opportunity to learn how longer video content builds on brand remembrance as well as leveraging shorter video content to increase awareness and growth by getting discovered in feeds.

October Binnu Palta Hill

Psychological safety is a shared belief held by members of a team that it’s ok to take risks, to express ideas and concerns, to speak up with questions, and to admit mistakes – all without fear of negative consequences (HBR, 2023). Research shows that psychological safety is integral to employee well-being, retention, engagement, collaboration and innovation. It is also linked to high performing teams. In this session, we will discuss what psychological safety looks like and how leaders can cultivate it to nurture thriving teams.

Mark your calendars to spend “Third Thursdays with the MAB” each month and keep an eye out for special extra webinars to be posted. Webinars are free to MAB members, and all are archived for later viewing. Questions? Contact Dan Kelley at 1-800-YOUR-MAB.

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