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Community Service Report

Michigan Broadcasters Serve Michigan Communities

For local radio and television stations, community service is more than a passing concern. It is a way of doing business. Everyday in Michigan, from Detroit to Escanaba and everywhere in between, broadcasters are going to bat for community charities, educating residents about important local issues, delivering life-saving information in times of disaster, and continually renewing their commitment to their communities.

One of the main missions of the MAB is to help their members serve their communities better. In doing this we seek out issues of statewide importance which have been identified by individuals and lawmakers to help. MAB members work collectively on a volunteer basis to educate listeners and viewers on the important issues through the airing of on-air messages. No other industry has the impact on local communities like free over-the-air broadcasting. Michigan radio and television stations understand the importance of community service. They live it every day.

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Districts 3-4

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Local Michigan Radio & Television Broadcasters

Total Economic Impact in Michigan:
$ billion
$ billion
$ billion
Total of

$1.67 billion
9,809 jobs

$4.19 billion
24,322 jobs

$31.15 billion
44,322 jobs

The commercial local broadcast industry, terrestrial radio and television stations, is critically important to the United States economy as a whole and to local economies in particular. Local radio and television’s key role in the dissemination of entertainment and local programming is well established. Its important value to the national economy is often overlooked, and in many ways taken for granted. This analysis quantifies some of the core ways commercial local radio and television stations enhance economic productivity, efficiency, and growth. Only local commercial broadcast radio and television is included in this analysis.

All data ©2023 Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. Used with permission from the National Association of Broadcasters

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