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On Air in Michigan

On Air in Michigan V2

The MAB is hosting conversations with those in the broadcast media industry to talk about the impact of local TV and radio, the relationship we have with our local communities, the innovation within broadcasting, and our industries future.

All of our conversations will be held in our MAB video podcast studio here in Lansing powered by Summit Technology Group.

Elevating the Discussion: A Conversation with Carol Cain

Local broadcast journalism remains one of the most – if not the most – trusted source of journalism and the state of Michigan is full of talented on-air journalists.  Among them is Carol Cain who is a legendary broadcaster whose career has impacted generations.

On this episode of On-Air in Michigan, a conversation with Carol about her career, her outlook on the future of the industry, and her approach to good storytelling and interviews.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear from the award-winning journalist. Please enjoy a chat with Carol Cain – On-Air in Michigan.

Using Beer to Connect with Local Audiences: A Conversation with Tim Hart

Radio is informative, is a key resource for emergency information, but at its core, it’s meant to be fun.

On today’s episode of On-Air in Michigan, a conversation with Tim Hart who is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Midwest Communications in Coldwater.  Tim is also the host of a segment he calls Know Your Beer.

The segment has enhanced his stations' relationship with local businesses and the community and is a great example of innovation in our industry.

It was a fun conversation which came with some samples which never hurts.

Enjoy On-Air in Michigan with our guest, Tim Hart.

The Impact of Local Broadcasting: Impact89 FM's Role in the Healing After the Michigan State University Shooting

In February 2023, Michigan State University experienced a tragedy that impacted the entire state and Spartans around the world when a gunman shot and killed three students and injured five others.

The pain will never go away and the three students - Arielle Anderson, Alexandria Verner, and Brian Fraser - should never be forgotten.

But, how the Spartan family rallied together in support of each other afterwards was a reminder of why its such a special community.  At the forefront of the healing process were students – specifically budding broadcast students who helped keep their peers safe, informed, and with a platform to express their anger, hurt, and support.

On this episode of On Air in Michigan, a conversation with two students who work at Impact 89FM the student-run radio station at Michigan State. Delaney Rogers is the Station Manager and Jake Rhodes is the Digital Media Director. Both were deeply instrumental in the station’s coverage of the shooting and in telling the stories of MSU coming together to heal.

Delaney and Jake represent the incredible young talent in this industry and are a shining example of the impact of local broadcasting.

Ferris State University's Glen Okonoski on the Future of Broadcast Engineering and Innovation in Media

On this episode, a conversation about the future of broadcast engineering and one university that has made a strong commitment to training a new generation of broadcast engineers.

Glen Okonoski is a professor of television and digital media production and the Director of the School of Digital Media at Ferris State University in Big Rapids.

Last year, the school launched a minor degree specific to broadcast engineering.

It’s no secret that our industry is trying to recruit new talent to that sector and Glen talks about the decision behind making the degree available, the opportunities he sees for those pursuing a career in broadcast engineering, and the University’s new Center for Virtual learning – which was a major investment by the University that opened its doors last August.

A conversation with Katina McKibbin and Doug Hanson about the life and legacy of Jackson-area radio icon Jamie McKibbin

Jamie McKibbin was an icon on the airwaves in the Jackson community on K105.3 and its sister stations.  It’s unlikely you lived or visited Jackson without knowing or hearing the name Jamie McKibbin.  He was also a huge supporter of the MAB, our Foundation, and believed in helping develop the future generations of broadcasters.

In 2020, Jamie tragically passed away at the age of 43.  But, his legacy and spirit continues to live on in Jackson and within Michigan’s broadcasting community.

His wife and now-President and owner of McKibbin Media Group Katina McKibbin came to the studio to talk about her husband’s life, passion for radio, and relationship he had with his listeners and community.  She was joined by Doug Hanson, a former colleague and longtime friend of Jamie.

In 2024, the MAB is going to start awarding the Jamie McKibbin Memorial Broadcasting Scholarship to support future broadcasters.  Students can apply through January 12th for 2024, but students will receive the scholarship for years to come.


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