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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your MAB Membership?

Karole White

By: Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO

The MAB Sales and Leadership Helpline just launched last month is available to all MAB Member stations and staff. I thought you should see some of the great comments from people after they have spoken with Mark Levy, Revenue Development Resources, the person behind the MAB Sales & Leadership Helpline at 972/522-8570:

“Mark, I did not expect you to get back to me as quickly as you did, or to share with me as long as you did…I now have an appointment with the prospect!”

“I have done this a long time and yet never connected the dots as to how different I would be seen if I were the one preaching “synergy” with my clients’ ad dollars!”

“Your advice Mark was spot on. It helped me and it helped our team…thank you!”

And did we mention this service is free for MAB members?

As a reminder, when you call your MAB Sales & Leadership Helpline at 972-522-8570 you get the following:

  • RSR will spend up to 20 minutes per call listening to your issue and offering practical and effective advice, resources, and solutions within their expertise.
  • They help you on the call as much as they possibly can. And if necessary, they can point you to someone who may be able to solve your issue.
  • Stations may want additional more in-depth consulting. If you do you may engage RDR directly at their regular consulting rate.

So please, keep your MAB Sales & Leadership Helpline number handy: 972.522.8570. When you or your team needs assistance with sales and/or leadership issues, help is only a phone call away!

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