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Cadillac-Based TV Network NewsNet Wins National Award

NewsNet, America’s first 24/7 news headline diginet, was recognized last week for its exceptional news promotion efforts at this year’s national Broadcast Production Awards.

The network, which is based in Cadillac but broadcasts over-the-air in more than 50 markets across the country, was awarded for the “Best Promotional Spot for News or Sports” for its creatively produced “Photos: News” promo, which made heavy use of a parallax effect to generate a creative and effective news promo in the midst of the pandemic – a time when shooting fresh promotional content was difficult.

“Without the ability to obtain new footage and gather behind-the-scenes clips, we had to get creative,” said Remington Hernandez, who conceptualized, produced and edited the promo, “Focusing on our key coverage areas, utilizing strong photos and playing off our ‘More News, More Often’ slogan was exactly the approach we needed to create an effective promo amid the pandemic.”

Most winning entries in the Broadcast Production Awards involved networks that have been broadcasting for decades, such as CBS News, ESPN and Telemundo, with NewsNet standing out as a new player in the industry.

“Many northern Michigan residents know NewsNet as their local 24/7 news channel – but they’re not aware that we broadcast national news to the entire country from the same studios in Cadillac that we use to bring them their local news,” said NewsNet President Eric Wotila, “We’re honored by the award we received this week, which reenforces that you don’t have to be based in New York or Los Angeles or Atlanta to compete on a national level in the TV industry.”

NewsNet, launched in January 2019, follows a traditional “news wheel” format providing a quick look at the headlines every half hour, and has stayed away from the talk and opinion-based programming that has become common on most 24-hour news channels. The rapidly growing network is available in approximately 50 markets nationwide – including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and dozens more.

The network’s award-winning promo can be seen here:

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