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WSJM’s Phil McDonald Preparing For New Role With Lake Michigan Catholic

Phil McDonald

Midwest Family Broadcasting’s WSJM-FM (St. Joseph) has announced that longtime sports director Phil McDonald is cutting back his broadcasting committments to join Lake Michigan Catholic as Athletic Director.  McDonald has been with WSJM for more than 35 years, having started as a part-timer in the 80s when he was in college. At first, he did a few overnight shifts, but became a color commentator on sports broadcasts in 1988. After a few years, he started overseeing the sports department.

He told WSJM news that he tried as a broadcaster  “…to make their high school sports experience feel kind of special. They enjoy what they’re doing, but then when you have the radio station covering their game, or a guy from the radio station coming to interview them about a performance or being a Student Athlete of the Week, it just makes them think, ‘Man, that was cool.’”

McDonald starts at Lake Michigan Catholic on July 28.  McDonald will still appear on some WSJM programs, like the Saturday morning Coaches Show. He says he’s loved every minute of being with WSJM, but a perfect opportunity just happened to come along.

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