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Miss Digg Says Remember 811 on 8/11!

MISS DIG 811 encourages people to place a free dig notice 3 days before digging to avoid damaging buried utilities.

August 11 is almost here, and MISS DIG 811 hopes that the 8/11 date on the calendar will serve as a natural reminder for residents to call 811 prior to any digging project to have underground utility lines marked.

MISS DIG 811 and a diverse committee of utility owners including DTE, Consumers Energy, and SEMCO celebrate National Safe Digging Day. The observation of National Safe Digging Day (also known as 8/11 Day) is observed this year on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. This is a convenient way to remind professional excavators and do-it-yourselfers of the importance of always calling 811 before digging.

Contacting MISS DIG 811 is free of charge and has been available to professional excavators and do-it-yourselfers for over 50 years. The first step is calling 811, where homeowners and contractors are connected to the MISS DIG 811 Notification Center, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of their intent to dig. Dig notices can also be made online at Then professional locators arrive at the digging site to mark the approximate locations of underground lines with flags, spray paint or both within 3 business days. Excavators must then go online to to ensure all utilities have been marked. And lastly, dig with care.

It is anticipated that the MISS DIG 811 Notification Center will process over 1 million dig notices in 2021, yet countless projects begin each day without the digging party requesting a dig notice. As a result, buried utilities are struck and damaged every few minutes.

Striking a single line can result in injuries, inconvenient outages, and fines. Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants contacting 811 by phone or online. Installing a mailbox, building a deck, planting a tree, and laying a patio are just some examples of digging projects that need a call to 811 before starting.

“Not only is contacting MISS DIG 811 free and easy, it’s also a legal requirement for anyone performing excavation work”. Said MISS DIG 811 CEO, Bruce Campbell. “Whether it’s a large
professional excavation site, or a simple backyard project, calling 811 or utilizing will allow the utility providers in the area the opportunity to come out and mark the location of their underground lines”.

Visit for more information about 811 and safe digging practices.

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