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President’s Letter to MAB Members

Happy New Year.

(L-R) Sam Klemet and Karole White

It is my honor to serve as the new President and CEO of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and am humbled that the Board of Directors entrusts me to carry on the work of Karole White who steps down from the position after 36 years.

Karole’s work took the MAB to new heights. She is a pioneer in the industry as one of the first female executives to lead a state broadcasters association. Her footprints are everywhere on the MAB and her vision, determination, and leadership are why the MAB is one of the strongest broadcasters associations in the country.

Karole has been pivotal and gracious in the transition and will be staying on staff for a period working as the MAB Development Director. Her expertise and insight will be helpful as we keep the momentum of the Association moving forward.

While I am officially in my new role as of this week, I am thankful to the dozens of Michigan broadcasters I have met over the past few months. The collaboration, communication, and efforts of MAB members have been key to better educating me on the their needs and expectations. And, I’m proud to say, we have already worked together on successes including getting the MHSAA to change is rules to allow broadcasters more access to stream high school sporting events – a potential lucrative revenue opportunity for both TV and Radio members.

This week, our MAB staff spent time together identifying ways to better serve our members and, as the Association’s new President, I promise we will not only build on the programs and initiatives that our members use and rely on now, but also will implement new services to ensure members at all staff levels feel supported and prepared for the future.

I am looking forward to getting to know more of the membership and hope to visit your stations and meet your staff soon. I welcome all ideas, feedback, and conversations.

Thank you for what you do for the state of Michigan. Your commitment to informing and entertaining the state while also being leaders in your local communities is inspiring.

Sam Klemet
President & CEO
Michigan Association of Broadcasters

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