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WKAR-TV adds Spanish Language Audio, Improved Image Quality

Engineering and Master Control Teams in the upgraded Master Control Room. (l-r) Darren Weeks, Dave Mann, Eric Tervol, Ken Merley, Corey Vowels, Rick Thomas, (not pictured) Dan Drolett, Gary Blievernicht. Photo credit: Amanda Pinckney/WKAR-MSU

WKAR Public Media (East Lansing) has announced a recently completed major project to improve television service for the mid-Michigan community. With installation of a new broadcast server for WKAR-TV, over-the-air and many cable and satellite viewers will now see higher quality video images and have a Spanish language option when available.

The upgrade expands access to WKAR programming by adding a Spanish language option on the primary channel (23.1) via a second audio program (SAP).

“Expanding, diversifying, and engaging our audience is a strategic priority of WKAR,” said Drew Henderson. “With this upgrade, the additional language option helps more people in mid-Michigan have access to trusted content from PBS and our other programming partners.”

WKAR-TV 23.1 will continue to provide descriptive video service via SAP and 5.1 sound as the primary audio. These audio options vary for each program. Viewers can check their on-screen programming guides for availability.

Many viewers will also see improved video images on all TV channels. The video signal on the WKAR-TV primary channel (23.1 over the air and available in HD on most cable and satellite systems) has been increased from 720p to 1080i vertical resolution. The move from a progressive scan format to interlaced allows for more efficient use of the available bandwidth. This scan format has been implemented across all five WKAR channels and is one of the factors enabling the resolution upgrade for the primary channel.

WKAR-TV broadcasts one primary channel and four multicast channels. The primary channel (23.1) is carried on all cable and satellite services in the WKAR viewing area. The multicast channels are WKAR World (ch. 23.2), WKAR Create (23.3) WKAR PBS Kids (23.4) and Michigan Learning Channel (23.5).

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