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Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters’ Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is a unique partnership between the MAB and the FCC under which stations that participate can receive a three-year exemption from routine FCC inspections. Once any deficiencies noted in the MAB ABIP Inspection Report are resolved, a copy of the three-year ABIP Certification granted to the station will also be provided to the FCC.

All stations considering participating in the ABIP should read the following carefully items may be changed or updated periodically.

What EXACTLY is covered in an ABIP inspection?

The MAB’s ABIP Inspector will conduct an in-depth inspection of each station referencing the FCC Rules and Policies listed in the applicable FCC Self-Inspection Checklist. The MAB encourages stations to carefully review the applicable FCC Checklist – regardless of whether the station participates in the MAB ABIP program.

Step-by-Step of How ABIP Works:

  1. Contact the MAB to request an MAB ABIP Application at or 800-968-7622.
  2. Complete the agreement. Note that you must indicate either “yes” or “no” on the form regarding notifying the FCC that your station(s) have signed up for the MAB ABIP.
  3. Submit your application. Send the MAB ABIP application with payment to the MAB office.
  4. Once MAB receives your station’s ABIP application with full payment, a letter of acceptance into the MAB ABIP will be send to the station. The station will also receive a link to the FCC Self-Inspection Checklists to help prepare for the upcoming MAB ABIP inspection.
  5. Under the MAB ABIP Station Agreement, the inspector will schedule the inspection date. With any conflicts, the inspector will work to reschedule to the best of his availability. Once set, the inspection date is firm and cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.
  6. On the assigned date, the inspector will conduct the inspection at your station. The designated chief operator should be present and access to the studio and transmitter site is required. If the station desires, the inspector will conduct an informal training session related to the compliance issues that were found during the inspection.
  7. Within two weeks of the completion of the inspection, your station will receive a detailed confidential “Inspection Report” noting the compliance issues noted during the visit.  CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: All information gathered during an inspection by the MAB ABIP inspector is confidential between the station and the inspector.
  8. Once any deficiencies noted in your inspection report have been resolved and the licensee reports the corrective actions taken to the inspector, the station will receive an MAB ABIP Certificate of Compliance. It will prevent a routine FCC inspection for three years.
  9.  The ABIP does not protect you from an inspection following up on a complaint against your station, an EEO inspection or a pop-up Public File inspection.

Rates & Terms

Full payment must accompany the contract. Please refer to the ABIP Terms and Conditions found in the agreement for complete details.

Participation in the MAB Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program is voluntary and is open to all broadcast stations throughout Michigan. Note that MAB membership is not a requirement to participate; however a non-member rate will apply.

General Alternative Inspection Rates

base charge Plus antenna monitor points (priced at $40/hr with a one-hour minimum). Station must provide person knowing location of each point and transportation.

As scheduled, plus travel costs

Add $300.00 to inspection contract

MAB Administrative Fee per contract $100.00

Travel and Lodging fees are billed per region. Ask the MAB for details. Additional travel required during inspection is billed at an hourly rate of $40 (after first hour) at conclusion of inspection. 

Cancellation Policy: Any station cancelling an ABIP inspection already assigned an inspection date by the MAB will forfeit the entire fee they have already paid. The station my reapply for another inspection at a later date. A new application and fee payment will be required.

Make all payments payable to the MAB. Payments to the MAB may be deductible as a legitimate business expense under the Internal Revenue Code.

Please note: The FCC always reserves the right to inspect station for specific issues that the FCC believes to be a “universal” problem, or for which a specific complaint has been received. Such FCC inspections are limited only to the complaint or targeted enforcement area.

Fill out and submit the information below for more information. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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