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From the President/CEO…

Karole White

Dear MAB Members,

Like many of you we are working with a very small staff as requested in the Stay at Home/Stay Safe Order by the Governor. There is one, or sometimes two of us, in the office to answer phones and help our members who must stay on the air.

Here is what we are doing for you: We are working with the state to try to determine the best way for all commercial and public stations to receive the Governor’s news conferences live for broadcast.  It has been quite a challenge since we often do not get advance notice as to when the conferences will scheduled. We will be working with the Governor’s staff on this to solve any problems. Jayne Hodak Soboleski and Dan Kelley from the MAB are working on this.

Website: We have created a Michigan Specific COVID-19 webpage on our website for members to help them keep up to date on information pertaining directly to the broadcasting business, news and information, FCC updates, PSAs and more. Dan Kelley is in charge of this. Send us your local coverage.

Legislation: MAB is working with the NAB and recently sent a survey to members concerning the impact of COVID-19 on business. If you have no responded, please do so. This information will help with our lobby efforts to get financial relief for our industry.

MAB Newsletter: We will continue to get our newsletter out to you every week with brief articles and information for your business, plus the news you send to us about your station. Please continue to send your press releases to us.

NCSA: In order for the MAB to continue our services to members we have to have operating revenue just like you.  Please continue to air the NCSA messages that we provide. That revenue is 79% of our income. Send your proof of performance every month. This is vital even with COVID-19 taking up most of the news. MAB has state and federal contracts that must be fulfilled. Thank you for your help in this area.

Finally, talk to us: Call Jayne, Dan or me.  We are here to help you.  We want to hear how you are doing and what you are doing to help your community, employees and your business.  Please let us know what we can do to help you, so we all recover from this ordeal reasonably unscathed.

MAB Free Services to HELP YOU:

  • Third Thursdays with the MAB (Live Webinars): The MAB hosts monthly webinars on a variety of topics, including FCC and legal issues, promotions, sales, news and more. All webinars are recorded and archived for later access.
  • MAB News Briefs:  A weekly electronic publication for Michigan broadcasters, including industry news, FCC and legislative alerts and more.
  • MAB Job Bank: Post your station job postings and look at resumes from potential employees.
  • Local Broadcast Sales:  Sales training and coaching to drive revenue for your station.
  • Washington Legal Hotline: David Oxenford of Wilkinson Barker & Knauer, LLP is a free resource for MAB members when they need quick FCC advice.
  • Michigan FOIA/Legal Hotline:  Have questions about Michigan law and how that impacts your company?  John J. Ronayne III, Bernardi Ronayne & Glusac is another free service.
  • EEO Compliance:  Broadcast Compliance Service provides you with access to thousands of contacts nationwide to assist your in your EEO efforts and reporting.
  • Energy Audits: If you have not had a FREE MAB Energy Audit by EnStar, you may have left money on the table.
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