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MAB-PAC: Help Us Help You!

It’s early January and an election year. Many lawmakers will be running for another term. There will also be a large group of first timers who will run and win a coveted seat in the Michigan House or Senate.

The MAB Political Action Committee (MABPAC) needs to reach these candidates for political office. We need to make them aware of the tremendous economic and social impact local broadcasters have on their community. This requires a financially strong Political Action Committee.

The MABPAC is an important and easy way you can help to support candidates who promulgate laws that impact your business.

We are at the end of a political cycle. The MABPAC coffers are close to being depleted. We need your help! The MABPAC uses these funds to support Representatives and Senators on both sides of the aisle who sit on committees important to our industry.

Only Personal Donations are allowed. We are not allowed to use your dues dollars on any corporate funds by law. The MABPAC is a state PAC not a national PAC so funds must go to local or state elected officers and candidates only.

Please consider making a personal donation to the MABPAC. “Help Us to Help You!”

Thanks You. Donate here

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