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Book Your 2022 ABIP Inspection Now

Scheduling is underway for the 2022 Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP). The ABIP is a unique partnership between the MAB and the FCC under which stations that participate can receive a three-year exemption from routine FCC inspections.

The MAB’s inspector, Blake E. Thompson CBNT, will be traveling our state 4/25-4/30; 5/16-5/24; and 6/13-6/17/22.

Thompson notes, “In the 4+ years I’ve been inspecting, almost every station gets some suggestions; and about half have Issues that need attention. These can range from minor file discrepancies to full blown ‘You are very lucky I’m not the FCC’ problems. Either way, we are here to help you navigate the rules and educate your personnel on the things that are still required.”

To book your ABIP inspection, contact MAB’s Ann Walters: or call 800.968.7622 (1-800-YOUR-MAB). More information is on the MAB website here.

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