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No National EAS Test in 2022

According to FEMA, there will be no EAS or IPAWS test for broadcasters in 2022. This was announced at the NAB last week. According to a report appearing in Inside Radio, FEMA Deputy Assistant Administrator Antwane Johnson stated:

“It will not happen this year.  We are planning to do that in the early part of ’23.” The announcement took place at last week’s NAB Show. Johnson said FEMA is working to develop a new survey system that would allow the government to better monitor the results of the national test of the Wireless Alert System (WEA), which is expected to be tested alongside EAS in the coming year.

The survey would poll the public about whether they heard or saw the alerts. The information would then be shared with broadcasters and the wireless industry. “We can use that information to improve our alert and warning capabilities for the nation,” said Johnson.

For a more detailed discussion of FEMA’s approach go to the article in Inside Radio by clicking HERE.

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