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Protect AM Radio in Vehicles

April 7, 2023

Radio has been critical to the safety of Michiganders for a century. At times of emergency - including this week with the threat of tornadoes - it's key infrastructure when cell towers go down to ensure the state has access to information.

Recently headlines have come out about auto manufacturers considering removing AM radio from vehicles. On behalf of more than 230 radio stations in the state, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters is working to identify ways to preserve radio in cars and make lawmakers and car manufacturers aware of how dangerous removing terrestrial radio from vehicles will be for public safety.

In times of mass evacuation or dangerous weather, not having terrestrial radio in a vehicle jeopardizes safety. Simply relying on apps in vehicles is not secure because it is solely dependent on internet connectivity which often goes down during harsh weather conditions.

The MAB has joined a new subcommittee of the National Alliance of State Broadcast Associations (NASBA) that is focused on preserving AM and FM radio in cars and electric vehicles.

This group is hoping to engage with Congressional offices and the automotive industry to communicate and create understanding as to the safety value of radio in future models.

Earlier this week, the NAB announced a public affairs campaign that engages our listeners to amplify that more than 80 million Americans depend on AM radio and removing it from vehicles is a dire public safety risk.

The campaign tools are available here and includes scripts, live reads, social tiles, sample texts and a letter to listeners that you can use to tout the benefits of AM radio and provide a platform to voice opposition to removing AM radio from cars.

The MAB will continue to work with others in our industry on this issue and welcome your feedback, insight and ideas.

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