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EnStar Launches New Energy Saving Initiative for MAB Members

April 27, 2023

Enstar EnergyMAB’s Energy consultant, EnStar Energy, is implementing a new campaign to help MAB members lower their energy costs. Despite providing energy services to members for 15 years, many stations may not be aware of the opportunities available. In the coming weeks, you may be contacted by EnStar to explore how EnStar might help MAB members to save money on their utility bills.

EnStar welcomes two new members to its staff, Meg Yalacki and Skye Bristol. Meg is a 2022 graduate in Business Administration from Ferris State University. Skye is a 2011 graduate of Michigan State University. Stations can expect to hear from Meg or Skye in the near future. Simply providing a copy of your utility bills to will get things started.

EnStar has gotten refunds as large as $71,000 for member stations and annual savings near $15,000. You could qualify for savings too!

Meg and Skye will also be contacting stations who have utilized EnStar’s services in the past. All too often changes in ownership, expansions, location changes, utility rate or meter changes can undo items like sales tax exemptions, so checking to insure everything is still in place or if other energy issues exist is also worth exploring.

To be clear, all members are eligible for a partial sales tax exemption on their utility bills. Determining how much is exempt requires a detailed study of how you use energy at your facility. That is what EnStar does. Getting the proper exemption in place is almost always worth thousands. EnStar wants all MAB stations to have an exemption that maximizes their savings potential.

EnStar is also aware that many stations are simply not being served under the most cost-effective utility rate. Allowing EnStar to check this out and help make the switch can result in large annual savings. Likewise, current market conditions allow EnStar, as a natural gas broker,
to offer natural gas at fixed rates in the range of 15% below utility charges. If you are considering upgrading lighting, EnStar has channel partners who can provide you with a quote as well as advice on what is the most cost-effective approach.

You don’t have to wait for a call from us. You can contact EnStar for assistance with any energy issue you may have by calling 517-694-2510.

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