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FCC Grants Waiver of Certain Accessible Emergency Information Requirements

June 2, 2023

FCC logoOn May 26, 2023, the FCC released an order to extend for 18 months an existing waiver of the requirement that television broadcasters aurally describe visual but non-textual emergency information, such as maps or other graphic displays.

This order grants in part the petition submitted by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) subject to conditions that must be met during the waiver period. Specifically, during the waiver period, NAB must submit quarterly reports to the Commission describing, among other things:

  • The extent of the broadcasters’ continued need to invoke the waiver;
  • NAB’s efforts to work with the disability community and broadcasters to develop and use standards or best practices in ensuring that the critical details of non-textual images displaying emergency information are provided; and
  • Efforts to develop automated technical solutions.

This waiver will remain in effect until November 26, 2024.

Link to the Order:

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