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Summer Programming/Digital Tune-up: Basics

July 28, 2023

Gary Berkowitz

Gary Berkowitz

By: Gary Berkowitz
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

The most important click on your website (and app): LISTEN LIVE. You’d be shocked at how hard that is to find on many radio sites. Same goes for your app.

Check to ensure that your website has an easy to find click with your program schedule on it. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many radio websites do not have this. When in doubt, Nielsen checks you out via the website when there is a diary entry in question or when only a personality name is written in.

Bold Homepage Idea: Lose the artists pictures. Replace with pictures of your stars. The talent. Your personalities are important, and in many cases the top reason people listen. Promote the “stars” of your station versus artists. Check out an example: 102.3 NOW! Radio (

Dump the web clutter. Nobody is coming to your site for weather, news, or entertainment updates. All that is doing is causing huge clutter and taking their eyes away from your station and getting a listener to connect with you.

Re-evaluate the e-mails to your database. Is there a high “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) factor for the listener or has it become a “dumping ground” for promotions you don’t want to deal with on the air (this can be very damaging to the database). Call me to discuss more in-depth.

AM Drive tip: Produce the next day morning show promo to have a strong “call to action” and a specific “tune in point”. If it doesn’t, it’s a wasted message that just causes clutter.

Check your “station name” listing for accuracy with Nielsen. Do they have a current SIP from you? They (Nielsen) say you do not have to file one. I say do it. You never know.

Begin thinking about the fall book (starts September 14th). Marketing, research plans and of course, Christmas…it’s not too early. Getting the Christmas music and production ready now will make for a much smoother (and less hectic) fall.

Gary Berkowitz specializes in ratings improvement for AC and Classic Hits radio stations in all size markets. Need help with your radio station? Let's talk. Call me today. Always confidential and no obligation. (248) 737-3727 or

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