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How Were My Airchecks?

December 15, 2023

Gary Berkowitz

By: Gary Berkowitz
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

When was the last time you had an aircheck session with your talent? In today's radio world, with all the time demands on the PD, it's easy to skip these meetings. So, let's make today the day to schedule a session with your talent, and please, take these tips into the meeting.

Over the years I’ve listened to hundreds of airchecks from client stations. Today, I’ll share the most common elements that are suggested to PD’s when coaching their on-air talent.


1.   Trying too hard to be funny. Thinking that FUN is FUNNY. There is a difference.

2.   Not enough time checks. Yes, they still matter.

3.   Not enough re-cycle mentions to “listen at work.”

4.   Being an “island” from the rest of the station. Not creating additional occasions of listening by promoting other shows and events. Creating more daily and weekly occasions is the #1 way to increase your TSL.

5.   Laughing at everything they say. Laughing when it is not funny. This especially applies to sidekicks.

6.   Bits that go too long.

7.   News stories that have no concern to the target listener.

8.   Not promoting what is coming up next & later in the hour.

9.   Weather teases that give away the forecast.

10. Too much talk for talk's sake.

11. Failing to sound warm and friendly.

12. Use of un-focused material in both the show as well as the newscasts. If the material is not totally focused on the target, do not use it.


1.   Jocks who sound stiff/formal and un-natural.

2.   Not promoting the brand: The station’s unique benefits.

3.   Not promoting at work usage.

4.   SAYING liners versus SELLING them with reality and sincerity.

5.   Not promoting tomorrow’s morning show with specific reasons for tune in at specific times.

6.   Sounding bored and UN-interested.

7.   Use of crutches such as:

  • Good Afternoon
  • Good Evening
  • With You
  • Thanks for listening “Everybody.”
  • On a (day of week)
  • Hump Day (does anybody know what this means?)
  • Here’s “Some” (when doing a back sell with artists). "Here's Some Fleetwood Mac"

I hope this checklist comes in handy when you do your next aircheck session.

Gary Berkowitz specializes in ratings improvement for AC and Classic Hits radio stations in all size markets. Need help with your radio station? Let's talk. Call me today. Always confidential and no obligation. (248) 737-3727 or

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