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Jacobs Media Introduces “The AI Edge”

February 16, 2024

Chris Brunt

Consulting and research company Jacobs Media has announced a new newsletter – “The AI Edge” – focusing on the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and how it can revolutionize broadcasting. The newsletter will look for AI applications that foster creativity, revenue generation, strengthen relationships, and enhance productivity.

“For the past year, broadcasters have been buzzing about AI and its potential impact on the industry,” Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs comments. “Sadly, way too much attention has centered on AI’s potential to replace actual humans and not enough emphasis on the technology’s true power – helping make most aspects of stations function better, more creatively, and more productively. Our goal with this newsletter is to look for the positive ways AI can help broadcasters thrive, showcasing ‘best practices,’ success stories, and creative applications.”

“The AI Edge” is a free, weekly newsletter written by Chris Brunt, Jacobs Media’s Director of Digital Revenue and AI – registration is at

“I’ve been studying and working with many broadcast pros for the past year, exploring the different ways we can make the best use of AI,” Chris Brunt notes. “I’m excited for ‘The AI Edge’ to be a conduit for radio and TV organizations with this cutting-edge technology."

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