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WUPN-FM and WSBX-FM Combine Signals at “The Bridge”

April 26, 2024

On April 15, TSE Broadcasting's WUPN-FM (Paradise) and Whiskey Sours Broadcasting and Productions' WSBX-FM (Mackinaw City) began simulcasting a classic hits format as "94.5/95.1 The Bridge."

In a joint audio statement, TSE Broadcasting's Tim and Lindsay Ellis and Whiskey Sour's Billy Sours said, "We have some exciting news to share with all our listeners. We are so excited to let everyone know this month our two stations will become one big happy family.  So what you hear on 95.1 in the UP, you will also hear on 94.5 with the same great classic music you love. And we will also be launching with a new name 94-5, 95-1 Bridge FM.  Two signals, one station and covering from Newberry to Gaylord and everything in between with "Everything Classic," bridging peninsulas, bridging communities, bridging everything Classic."

WUPN was formerly known as "Eagle 95.1."  TSE acquired the station in 2018 from Kent and Rosemary Smith.  Whiskey Sour acquired (then-dark) WSBX last year from Jon Yob's Mitten News and returned it to the air in August with a classic rock/classic hits format.

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