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WKAR-FM debuts “Inside the Arts”

June 21, 2024

Scott Pohl (photo credit: Dan Hartley/WKAR-MSU)

WKAR Public Media (East Lansing) has announced the launch of “Inside the Arts,” a weekly news feature dedicated to exploring the arts and culture scene in mid-Michigan. The feature debuted on June 13 with the promise of engaging listeners with a wide variety of topics and discussions.

“Inside the Arts” airs Thursdays during “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” on WKAR-FM and on the web stream. Listeners can also connect to the segments at

“Inside the Arts” shines a spotlight on local performers, artists, authors, and other creative individuals who are making a significant impact on the community through their talents and passion.

The series is presented most weeks by reporter Scott Pohl, creator and weekly producer of “Inside the Arts.” In the years since his retirement from WKAR, Pohl has continued to contribute stories enjoyed by WKAR listeners.

“It's a concept I've been playing with in my head for a long time, that someday I would like my retirement years to boil down to covering the arts and doing a weekly story about them,” said Pohl. "We are thrilled to launch 'Inside the Arts' and provide a dedicated space for arts and culture at WKAR."

Pohl brings his extensive experience and appreciation for the arts to the news feature, offering insightful interviews and compelling stories that capture the essence of mid-Michigan’s cultural landscape.

"We're excited for our audience to have this new and enriching series," said Amy Robinson, WKAR news director. “’Inside the Arts’ will not only highlight the incredible creativity we have in mid-Michigan, but it will also foster a deeper level of engagement with the arts in our local community.”

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