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WLUC-TV’s Rick Rhodes Stays ‘Yooper Strong’

Rick Rhodes

On March 30, WLUC-TV (Marquette) General Manager Rick Rhodes took to the air to deliver a message to his station’s audience in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula:  “Keep being Yooper Strong.”

The message came toward the end of a message that emphasized safety and the need to take seriously the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order by the Governor.  The full text of Rhodes’ message to viewers is below:

“As we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the most recent “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order by the Governor we need to remember a few things and take this order very seriously. Don’t go out unless you need too. Be smart about this. Stay home and hunker down until the all clear is given. Far too many people are not following the social distancing recommendations and this puts everyone in danger. So be smart and stay at home!

“Don’t panic, we will all get through this. Local, state and federal governments are working tirelessly to protect us all. When this passes, and it will, we will all be better and stronger for it. Lastly, keep being Yooper Strong.

“Every day, I’m amazed how our region is responding to this crisis. People supporting local restaurants by ordering take out, health care professionals stepping up to serve their communities, business owners still paying their employees even though their business is closed, Facebook groups forming to make masks for local hospitals, IT professionals working long hours getting employees set up to work remotely.

“Amazing work and support is being done to help those in need. This is why we are Yooper Strong and why the U.P. is Someplace Special. This crisis is bringing us together. We are more united as local communities, as a state and as a country because of it. There is a lot of optimism in and around us, tap into it. This isn’t the new normal, this is temporary. Today, we are one day closer to this crisis being over.”

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