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From the President: MAB Funding Shaken

Karole White

By: Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO

As all of you have suffered the loss of revenue, we have lost several NCSA Partners this spring as well. It has put a significant strain on our budget. Others just postponed their messages until Fall. We have a few new NCSA Partners as a result of, but not directly related to, the virus. A number of these partner messages are very time sensitive and need to air in May and June.
We are going to try to book NCSA more lightly during your busy political broadcasting months, before the primary and general elections. We are hoping that you sell out all of your advertising availability and make your political advertising projections.
To reach our partners’ grant requirements, we need you to air as many NCSA messages as you can in May, June, July and August. The donation of air time that we request of all stations is not a regular PSA. According to the FCC, a category was created just for NCSA. The messages are like a paid PSA only they DO NOT count toward your Lowest Unit Rate The MAB receives funds to administer the program, which helps to fund the association.
We need a minimum of 60 on-air messages from each radio and television station. These messages can be scheduled ROS on every call letter you own, including digital and multicast channels. We also would appreciate inclusion of messages on your website.. This can relieve pressure on your on-air inventory. Further, we need as much bonus airtime as you can give beyond the minimum noted in our traffic order to reach the in-kind match required in the federal and state grants that we receive.
NCSA Public Education Partnership funds are more than 79% of the MAB’s operating income. It allows us to keep your dues the lowest of all states our size, while offering the highest quality advocacy, training, free legal service and cost-saving services.
Please check to make certain your station is fully participating in the NCSA Public Education Partnership program and reporting messages aired monthly. NCSA messages help the state, which helps you and the MAB. Thank you!
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