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New Agency by Seth Resler Empowers Brands to Launch and Grow Their Own Communities

February 23, 2024

Seth Resler, the digital strategist formerly of Jacobs Media, today unveils his newest venture: Community Marketing Revolution (CMR), a boutique agency aiming to transform the arts and entertainment industry’s audiences into thriving brand communities.

“As the boundaries blur between content creators and consumers, it's no longer just about being heard; it’s about engaging in a back-and-forth that resonates with people on a deeper level,” says Seth Resler. CMR is set to revolutionize how brands cultivate these connections, focusing on community building as the cornerstone of contemporary marketing.

With a wealth of insights acquired through years of research and digital consultancy, coupled with his experience collaborating with various arts and entertainment professionals, Resler emphasizes the importance of community in today's media landscape. "Audiences are clamoring for more than content; they're seeking connection, and that’s what we’re here to build," he asserts.

At the heart of CMR is the innovative Community Building Blueprint, a roadmap tailored for brands in the arts and entertainment sector. This new model combines virtual events, in-person events, and online groups to create a vibrant space for community members to connect with one another.

Radio stations, often community fixtures, are particularly well positioned to explore this untapped source of sustainable income. "Community building opens up new streams of revenue for local media outlets," Resler states, offering a potent reminder of radio’s unique power to connect.

With a practical approach to consulting, CMR defies conventions by providing a la carte consulting services that can be purchased directly from the Community Marketing Revolution website. This flexible approached enables clients to bid farewell to traditional paperwork hassles in favor of a modern approach to conducting business.

On February 29th, Resler is set to captivate the audience at #Happens Las Vegas with his keynote address, "Community is King: Why The Future of Alternative and Rock Radio Is In Connecting Fans." As the world tunes in, he'll share valuable insights on reigniting the rock radio revolution, one community at a time. Get ready for an informative and engaging session!

Complementing his speaking appearance, CMR is offering a free downloadable guide, "50 Ways to Monetize a Community," available through the company's website.

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