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Ennes Workshop


Ennes Workshop attendees receive One Credit Category G by attending the entire workshop (4 sessions).

OTA Reception
With Javier Ruano, Telecommunications Engineer and Televes USA General Manager ONEMedia

NextGen Broadcasting is just that, an over-the-air, broadcast delivery system that is based on OFDM and IP, using mostly UHF beachfront spectrum. This allows single frequency networks to push coverage into places no previous OTA broadcast medium could and supports any media or data that can be packaged as IP – including of course radio and TV, distance learning and other opportunities — at home, in vehicles and on smart phones.
One of the first applications is Advanced Emergency Alerting and Informing. We’re focused on this because it is the basis for interactive broadcasting and a critical piece of mobile NextGen broadcasting.
Some 75 percent of the US population has at least one ATSC 3.0 transmitter serving their community. Over-the-air antennas have come a long way, with active automatic amplifiers and devices that fit in the palm of your hand that are essentially mini-headends that selectively mix and balance individual receive antennas and even translate channels at will. Test equipment that can tell you a lot about both the transmission and the content of an ATSC 3.0 signal is available. Javier and Fred will cover the events and what is available in terms of equipment, resources for continuing education and even the new SBE certification.

Drone Benefits in the Broadcast Industry
With Phil Larson, Vice President, Airborne Division, QForce

Phil will be discussing personnel advantages and efficiencies gained by using drones. The presentation includes overviews of reports and models, detailing how the right inspection can benefit your business.

Mathematics of Reliability
With Fred Baumgartner, CPBE, CBNT, Trustee Ennes Educational Foundation Trust

Designing broadcast systems that have high availability is a somewhat nuanced art. It’s easy to have a system with considerable redundancy that performs poorly when it comes to reliability. We all know about “counting nines” but how to calculate the reliability of a system isn’t something we do everyday. This tutorial covers how to make such calculations and why the results are sometimes surprising. If your management has ever asked; now you can answer fairly accurately the question of just how reliable your system is, identify the parts that might be improved on, and determine just how much reliability makes economic sense.

Grounding and Lightning
With Jeff Welton, CBRE, Nautel

Learn various aspects of facility grounding to reduce potential lightning damage. Utilizing good standards of grounding and lightning protection in studio and transmitter sites is more critical than ever! This presentation reviews how routing of grounding conductors can improve a device’s chance of surviving a transient event, how to lay out a new site or studio to minimize changes of lightning related damage and discusses how to improve existing facilities within a budget.

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