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National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association


Contact: Charon McNabb, President
National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association
(248) 417-5185

Campaign: Spread Awareness of Carbon Monoxide
Poisoning During National Poison Prevention Week


National Poison Prevention Week is Observed during the Third Full Week of March Each Year.

According to consumer reports, carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for almost 50,000 emergency-room visits and 1,200 deaths annually. This Poison Prevention Week, the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA) is dedicated to spreading carbon monoxide poisoning awareness so injuries and deaths can be prevented.

Carbon monoxide is silent, odorless, and tasteless. Health effects range from fatigue, dizziness, and headaches to long-term neurological disabilities. Carbon monoxide has no respect toward age and can affect anyone, including your pets!

The president and founder of NCOAA, Charon McNabb, said, “Awareness of the effects carbon monoxide has is the first line defense and is of utmost importance. The problem is a lot of people don’t even think twice about carbon monoxide. By spreading the word, we will be able to mitigate the risk of exposure from more and more individuals.”

NCOAA regularly promotes different methods to the public for keeping carbon monoxide exposure at a bare minimum, including:

  • Installing and maintaining carbon monoxide alarms and detectors within the proper areas at home and the office,
  • Working with state legislators to pass regulations promoting carbon monoxide safety best practices,
  • Having common household appliances inspected by professionals on a regular basis,
  • Educating people on the symptoms carbon monoxide may produce, and
  • Partnering with groups and organizations to promote carbon monoxide safety at different public events.

We want everyone to be safe and will continue to fight until no one has to deal with the harmful effects of carbon monoxide poisoning ever again.

For more information on carbon monoxide prevention, download our white paper, “Lower the Alarm Set-Point of Carbon Monoxide Alarms:

About NCOAA: Our mission is to initiate a conversation on the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of chronic and acute carbon monoxide poisoning by organizing available COP information and driving change to improve diagnostics, detection, and treatment, legislation, and standards.

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